Vincent Liu

The Doorman

Various Things to Follow Up on a Purchase

  1. Redo the ‘Sanction in Principle’ again, this time to raise the bar, rather than to keep it lower.

  2. Looking for a solicitor to appoint. Either with [Joynt & Crawford]{] or ask mortgage advisor on monday.

  3. I might need more funds – see Jazreel on call or arrangements to perform a EUR/SGD exchange.

  4. Still need to sort out Life Assurance for mortgage. This is about 26 EUR a month, however a page suggest 13 EUR. Confirm and find out. Forget about contents health, and all the malarky.

House Hunting tips


  • Does it fit your profile?
  • Have the owners take good care of it?
  • Aspect
  • Roofs/Gutters
  • Cracks on walls
  • Parking
  • Alarm
  • See neighbourhood at different times. Ask friends.


  • Smell of damnpness or rot?
  • If freshly painted, hiding cracks and stuff?
  • Window frames can be expensive
  • Walls, hallow sound might be plaster is loose
  • Open every window/door to ensure use/stuck
  • Floorboards not springy
  • Look for stains or signs of dampness on roof
  • Carpets/curtains included if not to taste?
  • Age of the boiler, run on oil/gas/electric?
  • When is house re-wired
  • Check the plumbing

Other References