Confidence and Performance

Confidence doesn’t lead to high performance. Rather, confidence is a byproduct of previous performance. I read another article along those lines from a college basketball coach, and the point made resonated with me. Again, it's one of those proses that I couldn't say better myself, and got lost until I got this quote off a business article lately. Filing this as a reminder to self.

Introverts, Extroverts

Somehow, it wasn't straightforward to figure out a defintion of an Introvert and an Extrovert. It was easy to conflate behaviours of shyness, asociality, brashness, showiness with actual internal states of mind. The definitions I've appropriated somewhere else sums it up better than I can: Introverts reflect more, Extroverts experience more.

Tidy up at the end of each day

Set aside 10 minutes each day before finishing to organise my desk. It sounds easy, but personally, it's still a difficult habit. At the end of most days, my head is rather frazzled and disorganized to remember this to do so. Also, when dealing with cleanups with computer tasks, it's easy to get distracted and forget about what to clean, when to stop and pack up. In addition, stopping is not a fixed time where I can anchor the behaviour to a wall-clock time - it's typically very possible to end up working so late that it's easy to bypass this habit and head straight off home.

Eat a Frog in the Morning

Eat a live frog every morning, and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day” Mark Twain It is not easy to find a live frog to eat every morning (thankfully!), but there will always be unpleasant things (and waaaay more beneficial) to do that will make the rest of your day less ‘bad’. Take exercise. It used to be a daily morning ritual, until I had to move house; it's certainly unpleasant to be awake at 6.

How Does Louder Make It Any More True?

‘Huat Ah!', is a common vernacular heard during Chinese New Year. It literally means “to sprout”, or loosely means to be able to gain good fortune, usually with an expectation that it will be a sudden and massive amount of wealth attained. It's an annoying superstition/custom, given that people would shout it out at the top of their voices, repeatedly. It is as if the loudness and repetitions would somehow translate to an increasing probability or magnitude of it happening!

Train Ride, A Squeeze No More

For a moment, I was convinced by mum's explanation that I was able to get a seat on the train at Raffles Place station during rush hour was because most of the Chinese migrant labour had returned to China for the New Year festivities. But after some reflection, I can't convince myself this can be true; surely most of the people working in the offices blocks around the Shenton Way area would be white-collared workers, mostly whom would be local?

A History of White Superiority: The Singapore Story

Shortly before my Christmas break, my friend, M, was thinking about visiting Singapore while I'm here to show her around. Through which, she joked about her being ‘exotic’, typically implying that she would get some preferential treatment of some sort, compared to me being a local boy. There is some truth in her words, despite the fact that gone were the days where we would unquestionably accept that the white man is ‘boss’ - she is simply alluding to what is still a generally held notion inherited from the colonial-era, just as I have learnt to understand that not all whites are equal: the Irish would have been equally considered inferior to the English during the same period, although would have been at a standing higher than us.

Why I Don't Post on Facebook

As much as I try not to post technology-related posts on my personal blog, this one possibly merits so, given it clarifies my thoughts and position on why I generally don't post anything at all on Facebook. If you are in the the IT industry, then you should already know all about Facebook - much has been said about this high-profile public company. In a nutshell, they are an entity that makes profit out of people's personal data.

Update On Progress

It's close to the end of the year again. I am off target from my goal of attaining “6000 Punches, 6000 Kicks”, by a margin of 2000 thereabouts at worse, or 1000 at best. It also comes down to the actual definition - when I mean “Punch/Kick”, I meant a dedicated style of punch or kick. If counting my combination of elbow attacks and varying punches, I should have exceeded the 6000 mark.

Do Something And Make It Stick

The most important thing I learnt about workouts (and for most things in life), is that it isn't important how hard you go at it, but more on how to make it stick. If statistics is a guide, only 30% of people who signs up for a gym membership will make it past the first 3 months. 10% will remain after a year, and only 3% will keep the habit up year after year.