Coughs Continued

Hecking and Coughing

I'd have hoped to write about something else this week, but surprisingly, the illness I had, carried itself through this week to. I had to take a sick day again on Friday, as the incessant coughing at night had stopped in from being able to go to sleep and be rested to function.

A Sickie First Day

Kinda sucks being sick for the first working day

It's somewhat unfortunate that the first (working) day of the year is spent lying down in bed - it was a bout of the chills at 2am in the morning, muscular aches all over, and a lingering sore throat that just wouldn't go away, even after 10 days of some off-the-counter medication.

The sore throat itself is finally manifesting into something more serious (as it always does - I rarely get sore throats that simply came and went on its own).

Not that I love work so much that I'm clamouring to go back. I don't hate it, but I definitely hate being sick more.


Barcelona, After a Decade

Monestir, Igualada, and Picking Mushrooms

First stop after touching down in BCN was to visit an old monastary. It was a private visit to the museum, so does feel like it's a bit of a privilege :P

Thereafter, we drove back to The Girlfriend‘s hometown, which is about 40 minutes outside of Barcelona by car. It is a lovely little town, with the edge of it lined with some dilapidated warehouses, which I'm told, used to be leather factories.


Winter Solstice

Reading Rust in Planes

I usually have difficulties focussing on anything productive while I'm on a plane, but this time, I've found an engaging read - “The Rust Programming Language” book.

While I haven't made any serious effort in coding in Rust, I find its capabilities really engaging and compelling as the next language to learn.


Girlfriend is Asking what I'm Doing

I've been on the laptop the whole morning, and the Girlfriend feels the need to ask me what I'm doing - “Nothing dear, just updating the template on my website…". It's quite fun, and I don't think she quite exactly knows ;)

Stigler's Law

No scientific discovery is named after the original discoverer

Plan the night before

I have tried to do a lifehack of planning out the next day every evening, and to spend some time reflecting about what I have accomplished at the end of each day. Surprisingly, this is harder than I thought. Firstly, to sit down and recollect what I've done for the day, made be realise at times how little I've accomplished, or worse, that I've frittered away my time frivolously, something that I acutely feel ashamed of.


Momentum is essential. “When you experience positive momentum, you’ll never want it to stop.” I relate to this personally. When establishing a new positive habit, it's typically hard going at the beginning. Over time, you ease into it, give and take. There are days in which you will regress, but the key point is to acknowledge that regressions happen, but to follow-up, and not give up because of it.

Confidence and Performance

Confidence doesn’t lead to high performance. Rather, confidence is a byproduct of previous performance. I read another article along those lines from a college basketball coach, and the point made resonated with me. Again, it's one of those proses that I couldn't say better myself, and got lost until I got this quote off a business article lately. Filing this as a reminder to self.

Introverts, Extroverts

Somehow, it wasn't straightforward to figure out a defintion of an Introvert and an Extrovert. It was easy to conflate behaviours of shyness, asociality, brashness, showiness with actual internal states of mind. The definitions I've appropriated somewhere else sums it up better than I can: Introverts reflect more, Extroverts experience more.