Werk Werk


Spent the weekend tearing out the tiled floor along the entrance corridor, so that I can replace it with an engineered wood floor. As usual, the DIY takes longer than imagined. After removing the tiles, there's still the grouting that is needed to be removed, so that took a little more than a day.


Catalina Fingerprinting

What The Fuck, Apple?

As I gather from other people‘s field reports, it looks like from MacOS Catalina (10.15), Apple is performing fingerprinting on all unsigned applications in the OS, and sending the signatures to api.apple-cloudkit.com.


Phoenix Park

A Stroll Down (Muscle) Memory Lane

Went out with Womanfriend to Phoenix Park for a walk in the evening after work. It was a longer than usual walk, clocking at about 14,000 paces on my pedometer, the longest since the lockdown happened. I can tell that the body isn't used to long walks any more, as our legs were sore on the trek back home.


Development Weekend

Haven't Gotten Enough Of Coding?!

Started on a pipe-dream to build myself an all-in-one tool that will notify my phone when my development build completes the compile and start cycle. So read/watched a few tutorials and started on coding for Android.


Bone Stew

Food For Meagre Times

There is a hipster grocery shop just around the corner from where I live. So instead of doing the usual groceries, we decided to get a box of seasonal organic vegetables for the week, just to mix things up a little.

On top of that, we went a local Eastern European supermarket for some butchered pork bones, something you typically can't get your hands on from a regular super-market chain.

The goal was to make some slowed-cooked bone stew that's reminscient of “Bah Kut Teh”, a pork-rib stew, but without the traditional spices.


Feliç Sant Jordi

All I Got Was A Card?!

The Girlfriend gave me a card on St George's Day. It isn't normal tradition, but I'm not in Catalonia either, so it's fine. With this Coronavirus thing going on, it wouldn't be possible visiting and experiencing the real deal either.


Housed In

Tearing and Knocking

It is somewhat summer-ish again in Dublin, so it's back to work on the house.

Started tearing down more wallpaper along the corridor over the Easter long-weekend break, and as usual, there's plenty of damage hidden behind those wallpaper. The worst one uncovered was a wall beside the door that wasn't actually concrete, but a wood scaffold that's been screwed up to hold the door itself assembled. That's some terrible job the tradespeople here have done… and reinforces the perception that you can't rely on the local tradespeople to do things right.


Well, It's Warm!

Easter Bunny Day

What a reversal of weather in such a short period of time! It seemed like it was going to be a gradual thawing of Spring from last week, to an instant summer beach-and-bikini weather right now.

But it all has to happen while we're locked in and unable to go out.


Less Cold

At Least The Sun Is Shining

It's the lockdown. So basically another stay home and do nothing week. Didn't exactly do nothing, resumed work on the house by tearing down the old wallpaper and skirting boards in preparation for replacing the floors. This is going to be the big job in summer.

Not fully looking forward to the work, but I do have time on my hands now :P



All Non-Essential Services Are Shut

On Friday night, the Irish government announced further measures to contain the spread of the Coronavirus. This basically includes shutting down all non-essential services, and the limitation of travel aside from the bare necessities, such as grocery shopping. The effect of this ruling is immediately felt this morning, while I was out to doing so - the Gardai has already been patrolling at 8am, interrogating people on the streets to where they are going.