The Girlfriend's Back

Guess Who's Back

So The Girlfriend came back on Monday, with a sense of relief that at least she won't be stuck on her own.

We're now pretty much home-bound, and trying our best not to be venturing outside, aside from a quick walk once a day for our own sanity. But whenever we were out, it seemed like my suburb was actually a little more crowded than usual - kids out playing, snaking queues at the supermarkets, people on the thoroughfare.

I'm not entirely convinced that people are adhering to social distancing, and the number of infections doubling seems to affirm that. It may be that more forceful interventions will have to be imposed, to which I've stocked up more non-perishables in anticipation of a longer lock-in period.

Otherwise, there's nothing new, aside from cooking, eating and busying around the house. (You can see my amazing cooking masterpiece in the featured photo above! >_<)

EU Panics

Woo hoo! More Work from Home

Company imposed work from home measures, in line with what's prescribed at the country level. Flights out to other EU countries are also discouraged at the moment. All of these are reasonable precautions.

The Girlfriend is in the midst of freaking out at the moment after someone in her school got infected with the virus. Given she's far away at the moment, there's nothing much I could do, aside from giving support and advice whenever it makes sense.

It also means that my scheduled trip to Berlin might have to be cancelled, or postponed for a later time.

Fear and Trembling

Back to the Office, Snacking

One thing about being the in office, is having complementary snacks. It's a good thing, and a bad thing - nice to have something to eat when you feel like it, but hard on imposing self-restraint.

But aside from this first-world problem, everything else has been relatively uneventful.

Leap Day

2nd Week of Home

Another week of self-isolation, as ‘best practices’ suggested by company. Not to mention some of my colleagues wouldn't be too thrilled to see me in the office either.

In any case, I got myself set up, and am comfortable in working from home now, so it's becoming much less of a bother anyhow. So yeah, stay home it is. The weather around Dublin is gyrating between sunny and rainy, but it beats better than simply having constant monotonous cloudy days.

Not much occurred this week, maybe aside from a brief bout of sore-throat and transient fever on Tuesday night. Woke up on Wednesday having the sweats, but got better quite quickly. I don't think it's the dreaded COVID-19 (wouldn't be let off that easily I'm sure), but maybe not going to work for the week mightn't be such a bad thing after all.

Beats better than causing panic and pandamonium at work ;)


Dublin's Quarantine

Stuck at Home

Touched down in Dublin on Monday. Seemed like nobody thought it was an issue for me returning from Singapore. It's a change from being hyper-aware about it to hardly any news or concern. But to be sure, I'm still staying put at home and not risk any possibility of potential transmission of anything that I might have.


Valentine's Walk, COVID-19 Mushrooming

You Should Always Carry A Towel With You… Just In Case

The Girlfriend was feeling a little bit of the nerves for her course work, and it got her rather pessimistic and down. I tried my best to make her feel a little better, even though I had an issue that I have to resolve that's making me a bit worried myself. In the end, the call seemed to have calmed her down a little anyhow.


Dorscon Orange

Panic, (no) Shortages

Singapore's Ministry of Health has elevated the infection threat level from ‘Yellow’ to ‘Orange’. Unsurprisingly, this has upped the citizens’ Kiasu/Kiasee-ism levels correspondingly - supermarkets all around the island were cleared out after the announcement was made.

Me? I'm just hermiting in at home. Talk about no fun :)


Pretty CBD, Banned Flights

Uneventful Week

Mostly working this past week, so I'm not being much of a tourist. Not that it's conducive environment to be one right now - there's not much to gain from being in out in people-dense, touristy areas, given the potential spread of the Wuhan virus.


Wuhan Virus during CNY

Wuhan Coronavirus Outbreak

It's a relatively different experience being away and reading the news of SARS of 2003, versus being around the vicinity when this Wuhan virus outbreak is occurring. The level of awareness of being “Yeah, I heard it from the news”, vs being bombarded with numbers and the authorities telling you what to do on the broadcasting medium daily, just feels different.


Singapore for Chinese New Year

Helsinki for the First Time

Is my first every time with Finnair, as well as ‘visiting’ Helsinki, if laying over at the airport for 50 minutes count. I guess it's still a visit, especially if you message a Finnish friend that you're there :P