Easing up

The weather has eased up a little from the cold and the hailstorms to something a little more bearable. Comfortable, even, by Irish standards. The past couple of weeks has had a turn in the weather where it’s almost ok to be out walking in t-shirts for some of the days.

A little more IKEA

Monday marked the start of the easing up of the lockdown restrictions. Womanfriend and I had the day off, so we decided to take the opportunity and go to IKEA to get a few things that we needed for the house that was put off during the lockdown.

It ended up being fortunate to be there in person, as what we thought we wanted to get online, ended up being things that wouldn’t have worked properly after testing it directly, and some of the colour schemes we saw didn’t actually come out as we’ve imagined when seeing it in person.

And finally, I now have proper curtains for blocking out all the morning light that has been affecting my sleep for the past few summers (and even winters too!). It must have been effective, given that my sleeping patterns have changed for the past week - I’m not waking up at the crack of dawn when the sun rises anymore, which is a relief. Previously, I would have woken up at 5am, no matter how late I went to bed or how tired I was.

A simple intervention that had a huge quality of life difference. Should really have done that ages ago!

Translating into more Motivation?

I found myself coding for leisure more this week than any other time earlier this year, and completed 1 tool that I wanted to write a while ago, and started on another project. It seems just coincidental that it happened after the change that improved sleep quality and I don’t want to attribute it to that just yet.

In any case, it’s been a while since I had made programming a hobby again, rather than working for a paycheck. Maybe it’ll keep up, or not. We’ll see.