Womanfriend’s Emergency

So Saturday morning was a bit of a drama. Womanfriend has had a long week of her period. The cycle of her period seems to be of very irregular intervals and severity - some months it seems to be extra painful, and others less so. This one initially appears to be the less painful one, but seemed to hang around for longer than usual.

But eventually, on Thursday, it seems like the pain came full on, when we’re in the middle of a power-walk - I initially thought it was the workout that brought the start of the cycle, but it doesn’t appear to be it.

Anyhow, it seems like being the Manfriend, I’m also the unofficial doctor for treating her menstrual discomforts too, but this week, it seems like this role has gotten a little more ‘official’.

After Womanfriend was in the bathroom for more than 20 minutes, I could hear her sobbing. So naturally, I went over to investigate, and there she was, naked, squatting in front of the sink and hadn’t stopped crying, and I asked what’s going on.

Her menstrual cup was stuck, and she hadn’t been able to get it out, despite many attempts to do so.

Well, so it’s up to the doctor (me), to try to get this thing out of her. I bent down, took a closer look up her vagina, and tried to pry whatever this foreign thing (I had no idea what I am looking for) out of her.

Sure, we’ve been intimate, but it’s the first time I actually had a daylight, close-up view at it. Remarkably, the gap in the vagina, when contracted, firstly looks no different from the pee-hole, is smaller than the diameter of a pencil.

While I know that a baby’s head is supposed to come out of it, which seems unbelievably large (and would seem obviously painful), it’s still a little amazing that it’s able to even fit a thing like a penis.

But oh well, this isn’t the time for that.

Initially I had no luck trying to fish out whatever this thing is, not to mention I don’t feel comfortable with even sticking my finger in such a small hole, lest it cause more pain (and crying). The thing is, she’s in a state of panic, and as I understood (in films and media that I’ve ever gotten these information from), is that when women are nervous/fearful, the vagina can contract and cause sex to be uncomfortable - I certainly can believe that now, if the hole is so small when the woman is tensed up!

So I let her fish it out, and finally, I saw this tip of a silicone thing, and started to pinch the tip of it out with my fingers. It was certainly still difficult to pull it out at this point, so I told her to get ready for it, while I’m going to use brute force to pull it out.

Once she was ready, I gripped the tip firmly with my finger and pulled the cup out with force.


And it was out.

And holding some menstrual blood, as it is supposed to.

Well, if you’re still reading this, kudos for coming this far.

Men Don’t Do This

As I am told, men do not help with these things, for various reasons. There’s a superstition aspect of it, from various cultures that menstruation is unclean (India), to the Catholic world, where these things aren’t meant to be discussed publicly. Where-ever it is, this seems like it’s a taboo somehow.

I never grew up understanding this, nor do I have any stigma, or association with the period itself. All I know is that it happens, and it seems like nature has evolved reproduction to be this messy, inelegant way of making women suffer monthly. I never understood why evolution couldn’t have made it efficient enough that it doesn’t involve blood loss, and what seemed rather disadvantageous to the woman itself for being able to reproduce.

That aside, men seemed to think that this is a problem for just the opposite sex. Well that is true, given our willies don’t bleed (and if it does, man you’re in serious trouble!)

I just thought it was good that I was able to help, and Womanfriend was just as grateful. Although she said there’s “nothing about her I hadn’t seen now” and that I’m now “traumatised”. I think I’ve seen worse, with cut wounds that looked way more terrifying than this.

And, I get to have a close up look at biology too, which was interesting on its own - how often can you get to see a close up of a woman’s vagina?!