Phoenix Park is that Big?

For the first time in my 12 years living in Dublin, this weekend is the first time I’ve ever visited Farmleigh House, which is on the far side of Phoenix Park from where I lived.

I had no friggin' clue that Phoenix Park is actually that big that there’s a separate park-area on the other end. Sure, I’ve see it plenty of times on Google maps, but thought that it’s nothing but more of the same bushes.

It was an interesting walk around, and the weather on Saturday was perfect. T-shirt and shorts weather, not very common in Ireland, but it’s one of those days we’ve got them.

Was a great day out, and glad I had spent Saturday wisely.


Fish is an often neglected food source in Ireland. Don’t think I’ve ever seen any local Irish folk actually eat anything that still has a head attached, and I certainly don’t see any of those in the big supermarket chains.

But given our newfound discovery and love for the Chinese supermarkets, there’s definitely more room to be adventurous, so we’ve decided to get a full fish to cook.

It was a bit of an experiment, as I’m not familiar with the fish (it’s a sea bream), and it’s not something that I’ve cooked often. I also wasn’t sure if it’s something that could be steamed and cooked in Chinese-style, or that if it’s an oven-roast-only fish. In the end, I decided to gamble with it anyhow.

And it was delicious.

Womanfriend liked it so much that she wanted me to make it again. That was a surprise, given that I assumed that most European people wouldn’t eat something like this. She was quick to dismiss me of these ‘stereotypical’ views.

Well it was good to know that some people don’t mind the hassle of having food that naturally comes with head and bones in it.

And if she didn’t mind eating that, think I’ll be cooking more of whole fishes going ahead for sure!