MTGA Obsession

Have been playing a lot more “Magic: The Gathering Arena” lately after I managed to ‘fix up’ my broken laptop’s touchpad (by disabling it and plugging an external mouse). This proves to be a bad personal choice, as I’ve been playing much more and spending less time doing more responsible-adult things.

There’s been since 2 expansion releases since I’ve last went cold turkey, plus the new M21 release that came out. I’m somewhat behind in having a ‘playable’ deck and in understanding the new mechanics.

Given that I’m not a ‘pay-to-player’, it’s a bit harder to get sufficient good cards to play, unless I keep grinding by playing and winning ‘gold’, so I’ve been spending way more time in the evenings to get my quota to get cards. It isn’t the greatest use of time, and I get a little bit obsessive with the games with very little self-control over it.

Now I remember why I had to do a cold-turkey :p

If there’s just something that I can do to balance out and exert some proper willpower over myself with this! Will see if I can rise up to this challenge, or be sucked into this time-sink.

In-COVID19 Travel Woes

Am trying to sort out some existing tickets that we’ve gotten prior to all this COVID19 scenario happened. In all honesty, it’s a mess trying to understand the various restrictions and potentially out-of-date and conflicting advisories and verbiage. Still trying to decide whether if deferring travel would still be the best way to try to recover some of the costs involved for the tickets, or it’s just going to become sunk costs. Still a toss-up, and we really haven’t gotten a firm view about this yet.

Womanfriend, My Dictator

She’s dictated the excerpt of this post, hence she’s my dictator. I can’t say much right now, given that she’s sitting beside me, supervising what I’m posting. Ok, ok, womanfriend, you are the bestest ever!