Flooring’s Done

It took a few weekends and finally I’m done with the last bit of major work on the house. Between fixing the subfloor, putting on the new laminated wood floors, plastering holes and cutting skirting boards, that took up most weekends in June and explains why I hadn’t tried to write more consistently.

So there goes my secret resolution of trying to have at least 1 post a week, but at least I tried!

Revamped Blog, Involuntarily

Had just changed to a new layout of the blog - the hugo version I was running was way too old in my previous repo, and with a new setup of Ubuntu 20.04, I had to move everything over (given I had no idea how to resolve the configuration issues of the old theme).

It isn’t as straightforward as just doing a git pull on the template repo, unfortunately, as my blog’s repo was way old, from the times where it was actually running on an alternative of Ruby on Rails (which I don’t even remember the name now). I had retrofitted, and copied files from a hugo theme and experimented with it, and then changed the backend service to use Rust, so it came a long way.

But finally, this Chimera setup has ran its course to be retired.

The new setup still has a few rough edges that I hadn’t sorted out, but will try to do so over the course of time.

Womanfriend Says ‘Hi’

So womanfriend, as usual, wants to be featured. So with the revamp, there’s a fair number of pictures that I had to add to the old posts, so that that it fits the stylistic look of the blog. See if you can figure out which one is hers! ;)