Spent the weekend tearing out the tiled floor along the entrance corridor, so that I can replace it with an engineered wood floor. As usual, the DIY takes longer than imagined. After removing the tiles, there’s still the grouting that is needed to be removed, so that took a little more than a day.

The subfloor wasn’t in good shape either, so it needed some fixes to ensure that it doesn’t creak, and the walls around it needed some fixing as well. I’ve also taken the liberty to move the night heating power line from the corridor into the living room.

Removing the grout from the *gasp* wooden subfloor wasn’t easy, even though it isn’t a particularly good surface for the grout to hold on to, so Womanfriend and I still had to spend a day with chisel and hammer in hand to get rid of the uneven-ness so that the underlay would be flat upon setting it down.

The old house had plenty of different cables that led to nowhere, and plenty of shoddy craftmanship, all hidden behind wallpaper, carpeted floors and skirting boards. That’s where all the unexpected surprises came, and I end up needing to do more things than usual.

All the work is exhausting though, I’m wrecked both evenings, and not being able to do much else aside from lying in bed.

Summer is here!

Think this is likely the first time in 12 years that I’ve lived here that I’d possibly complain that the weather is actually hot, and right now, I’m actually lying in bed without a cover for the first time, ever.

It’s certainly not a kind of weather that I had expected to be possible here in Ireland!