2nd Week of Home

Another week of self-isolation, as ‘best practices’ suggested by company. Not to mention some of my colleagues wouldn’t be too thrilled to see me in the office either.

In any case, I got myself set up, and am comfortable in working from home now, so it’s becoming much less of a bother anyhow. So yeah, stay home it is. The weather around Dublin is gyrating between sunny and rainy, but it beats better than simply having constant monotonous cloudy days.

Not much occurred this week, maybe aside from a brief bout of sore-throat and transient fever on Tuesday night. Woke up on Wednesday having the sweats, but got better quite quickly. I don’t think it’s the dreaded COVID-19 (wouldn’t be let off that easily I’m sure), but maybe not going to work for the week mightn’t be such a bad thing after all.

Beats better than causing panic and pandamonium at work ;)

World Panics

So well, it isn’t China, or Asia Pacific region anymore, as the virus starts to spread across the globe. So people are panicking, with the stock markets having a week of consecutive drops, and I’ve starting to hear from others reporting of supermarket raids from various countries.

So the fear is REAL, now when it’s happening to others.

It’s a recession when your neighbor loses his job; it’s a depression when you lose yours.

- Harry Truman

Money, Money, Money

So Sweden is going to get rid of real money, and start using funny money, the “e-krona”. It’s an interesting exercise, and it would make them the first in abandoning cash. There are certain implications, in which I personally wouldn’t be comfortable with, such as trusting governments to do full bookkeeping of the currency, and be honest enough not to artifically inflate a few zeros at the back of their accounting numbers to generate ‘free’ money - it’s just too easy.

While I do understand that central banks already do it like that these days, but the fact is that if you didn’t trust the government, at least you can still hold onto cash, or other government’s cash. But now, there’s nothing for you to fall back on. Goodbye to fungibility too - you can never be an anonymous Joe buying the occasional recreational drugs, or doing some morally dubious activities ever again… :P

Feel the Bern (Here he goes again)!

On the other side of the Atlantic, we have Bernie Sanders trailblazing the Democrat’s campaign. He seems popular by people’s votes, but funny enough, the Democratic Party’s organs seem to be intent on taking him down. It’s harder and harder to believe that US politics is fair and just, when you have SuperPACs and the Electoral Colleges. Whatever happened to “one person, one vote”?

My American friends, is it really between the devil and the deep blue sea, with Bernie on one hand and Trump on the other?