Stuck at Home

Touched down in Dublin on Monday. Seemed like nobody thought it was an issue for me returning from Singapore. It’s a change from being hyper-aware about it to hardly any news or concern. But to be sure, I’m still staying put at home and not risk any possibility of potential transmission of anything that I might have.

So it’s working from home for another additional ~1~ 2 weeks, as time served in Singapore isn’t being taken into consideration. The folks at work don’t want to risk it, and I can understand.

By now, it feels a little bit meh… but it’s just one more week left… In any case, I am getting used to the isolation. Maybe I’ll be a grumpy git by the time I return to civilization :p

Fireplace for the week

It’s strange, but ever since I’ve moved in, I don’t think I’ve actually stayed in my house for that long without going out. I didn’t think I can in the past either, cos it’s so damn freezing cold. But since installing a heating stove last winter, it’s the first time I’ve put it to constant use, and I have to say, the results have been pleasing.

Now I can actually stay at home for a long stretch of time, and feel homely. Having more than the usual amount of time at home also translated to getting through more chores than I normally do as well.

Airsoft, But Can’t Go

So ex-colleagues of mine invited me for an Airsoft game. Was pretty keen to go, but it’s this weekend. Told them about it, so they said, “Well, next time then”.

Oh well, next time it is then.