You Should Always Carry A Towel With You… Just In Case

The Girlfriend was feeling a little bit of the nerves for her course work, and it got her rather pessimistic and down. I tried my best to make her feel a little better, even though I had an issue that I have to resolve that’s making me a bit worried myself. In the end, the call seemed to have calmed her down a little anyhow.

Talking about a break, soon it will be the end of my month here, and I’ll be heading back to Dublin over the weekend. Neither looking forward to the cold, nor to another self-imposed period of working from home, even though I haven’t been spending any time out during my stay. Still, with all that cabin-fever days spent in isolation here, time still seemed to have passed relatively quickly.

Went walking along the coastline of Singapore with mum today. It was a bit of a nice long walk, and across the sea was all the lights from JB. It’s been a decade since mum frequented that area - that road used to be a cul-de-sac where car stereo enthusiasts would congregate to blast music as loudly as they can, and to show off their fancy rice’d neon car lights.

That’s all gone now - today it’s turned into another road in which provides a fast egress from Seletar airport. (Singapore does have another airport, this one less known, and you probably won’t be landing there unless you have your own private jet ;)

Wuhan Virus Has a New Name - COVID-19

The spread is happening, slowly, but surely. A few hotspots flared up over the last week, between a couple of churches, and… the Seletar Aerospace Heights… maybe I shouldn’t have had walked nearing there today after all :P (Don’t go panicking folks, unless the virus can travel 5km airborne, nobody’s going to be spreading anything).

From how the situation is going, it doesn’t appear that we’ll be able to contain and prevent the spread from occurring. Think it’s going to get a little more worse before it gets better.

Hopefully it won’t be terrible.