Uneventful Week

Mostly working this past week, so I’m not being much of a tourist. Not that it’s conducive environment to be one right now - there’s not much to gain from being in out in people-dense, touristy areas, given the potential spread of the Wuhan virus.

As work is in central Singapore, I did get to walk around the vicinity, where new buildings like Asia Square and One Marina are situated. These buildings are very nicely done, and especially One Marina, where the combination of greenery makes for a pleasant walk.

Wuhan nCoV Updates

Looks like so far, the virus is still contained, in the sense that there’s no community spread yet. That’s a good thing. Also, the authorities have stopped all flights from China, and/or foreigners who have visited China recently from entry. Also another good measure to take, IMO.

That aside, one thing that I’ve forgotten, that is relatively a unique thing to Singapore, is the state machinery at work. The SAF got mobilised to work around the clock to pack 5.2 million masks, and within days, a website popped up to tell local folks where they can collect them. Collection stations are set up at the void deck underneath my block, with RC (volunteers?) manning them, all during the Chinese New Year period.

Mobilisation and being in a state of prepared-ness always has been a thing in Singapore. Only after being away for so long, did I realise it’s a relatively unique phenomenon.

From Total Defence Day, to the People’s Association being a government-led community/grassroots organisation, they are largely driven by the state. Many other places I’ve lived in, such actions (if present) are usually very localised, less coordinated, and somewhat less effective as well. The coordination in that sense, is still a pretty remarkable thing to see, when compared to other governments in the world.