Hecking and Coughing

I’d have hoped to write about something else this week, but surprisingly, the illness I had, carried itself through this week to. I had to take a sick day again on Friday, as the incessant coughing at night had stopped in from being able to go to sleep and be rested to function.

CES Swags and Bola’s Citadel

Let’s get onto something mundane. So this week is the time for the “Consumer Electronics Show” (CES) again. It’s been a while since I paid attention to this, but as I was interested in getting a replacement PC for my barely 2-year old el-cheapo laptop, which is acting up now (it constantly emits like a “^R” keys everwhere for no apparent reason), so it is good to check out what’s down the line for 2020.

So far, in the laptop segment, I think AMD’s Ryzen 4000 series by Asus certainly caught my eye, but it’s a little difficult for me to imagine shelling out more than $1000 for any PC equipment. This is a home-use, casual machine, and it hopefully can run Linux with a Windows 10 Guest so that I can play “Magic the Gathering Arena” (MTGA). The alternative is to have a less portable solution by building my own desktop, which is cheaper and more powerful, but way much more of a hassle to get right. In any case, I can let this one sit out for longer.

Bolas's Citadel

Talking about MTGA, I just rediscovered this card “Bolas’s Citadel”, while I was playing more these days when I wasn’t well. It turns out that this card made all those life gains and token generation from my deck make this card 1-turn kill. That was rather fun.

Belfast, and Baby

Was up in Belfast on Saturday evening. There was a Swing dancing socials on at the Titanic Hotel, which is something to see in itself. Loved the aesthetics of the place, and the event itself was a blast, at least up till late night when the hecking cough came back with a vengence.

Went visiting my Aussie family on Sunday, to meet the newest member in the household - a gorgeous little smiley baby. Takes after his mum and dad for sure :)