Kinda sucks being sick for the first working day

It’s somewhat unfortunate that the first (working) day of the year is spent lying down in bed - it was a bout of the chills at 2am in the morning, muscular aches all over, and a lingering sore throat that just wouldn’t go away, even after 10 days of some off-the-counter medication.

The sore throat itself is finally manifesting into something more serious (as it always does - I rarely get sore throats that simply came and went on its own).

Not that I love work so much that I’m clamouring to go back. I don’t hate it, but I definitely hate being sick more.

Murder, Rodriguez and Berlin

The headlines of the week is about the assassination of an Iranian general sanctioned by Donald Trump. Appearently, he was eating steak and ice-cream while that was happening (I guess he’s watching from the situation room? I can’t understand that he still had an appetite while watching that?). Anyhow, he killed someone, man. But the rules for murder does not apply to people in power, like for a president, a monach, or a dictator.

The Iranian fella probably killed enough people at work for the Iranian government too, so it’s kind of fair game. You kill, you get killed, all with governments' blessings. While the right to murder isn’t something that’s granted to common folks like us, that isn’t my thing, so it’s no loss. I just hope it’s not going to cascade into something more serious like an all-out war.

Next important news, is that I’ve been set free to be a Rodriguez - apparently that’s a noun, not just a Surname. It’s meant to be slang for being a “free man” when the girlfriend isn’t around. And The Girlfriend isn’t, so I get to reclaim some personal power of sorts around the house, like walking around in my undies if I felt like it. But that’s not my thing either.

Need to work out what other new powers being a Rodriguez entail while The Girlfriend is far away studying in Berlin, you know, like maybe having a late night session of computer games, while she ain’t watching?

Now that’s an idea.

Laters, folks.