I’ve been on the laptop the whole morning, and the Girlfriend feels the need to ask me what I’m doing - “Nothing dear, just updating the template on my website…". It’s quite fun, and I don’t think she quite exactly knows ;)

Hugo’s Feature Pages (eg. Having the Title Image Up Above 👆)

The Hugo static site generator is a step up from Jekyll - much more customizable, featureful and doesn’t have all sorts of weird Ruby dependencies. I like it!


I’ve shown Girlfriend what I’ve written, and she sez “It makes me sound like I’m a buggy person”. Just to say, she’s not like that at all in person. I just being funny portraying her that way. She’s sick and not doing much - it’s not at all surprising if she’s just lying there and curious to what I’m doing while I’m just furiously clicky-clacky-away at the keyboard.