I have tried to do a lifehack of planning out the next day every evening, and to spend some time reflecting about what I have accomplished at the end of each day. Surprisingly, this is harder than I thought.

Firstly, to sit down and recollect what I’ve done for the day, made be realise at times how little I’ve accomplished, or worse, that I’ve frittered away my time frivolously, something that I acutely feel ashamed of. I don’t have an easy remedy to stop that yet, but it’s just good to have a sobering look at the reality. At this point, I would rather have the humiliation, than to be mindlessly unaware, and come to regret it later. Time lost, is truly not something that can be regained.

Secondly, it has been difficult to give myself time to just put everything else down, sit and think about what I have done today, and on what to do tomorrow. Modern life just has too many distractions that take my attention away. Other days, fatigue sets in, surprisingly makes it all the more difficult - all my mind wants to do is to vegetate in front of a screen and watch some Youtube videos.

This is all work-in-progress, but I am increasingly aware how big of a challenge it is - not sure if I’d actually improve, but at least I’m measuring and trying to improve on my track record.