Momentum is essential.

“When you experience positive momentum, you’ll never want it to stop.”

I relate to this personally. When establishing a new positive habit, it’s typically hard going at the beginning. Over time, you ease into it, give and take. There are days in which you will regress, but the key point is to acknowledge that regressions happen, but to follow-up, and not give up because of it.

People who have experienced this first mental shift care about momentum.

Being without momentum is rough. It’s how we normally live lives - on auto-pilot.

Without momentum, making lasting change will require way much more effort, and willpower.

Consistency and habit-formation is key in establishing momentum. Over time, the new auto-pilot behaviour will take over, and it would seem effortless.

I establish my habits by daily journal and review. I see the days that I’m moving backwards, but I keep myself accountable by acknowledging that and try again tomorrow. Sometimes, it takes days, even weeks before you get back after falling off the bandwagon, but keep at it. It will improve, as long as you don’t give up.