Beach Weathers and Hangouts

July turned out to be the hottest summer Dublin has had in recent years. It was the only rare times in which it was possible to swim in the sea without being frozen still in the cold artic waters. Had a great time spending most of the sunny and dry weekends out in Portmarknock.

There were also plenty of hanging-out times where we had friends over for cakes, snacks and watermelons to celebrate the nice summer that we ought to have every year - nevermind the rest of the world with their crazy heatwaves of up to 45 Celcius in Canada, or the severe flooding in Europe and China, it’s all just Goldilocks-land here. Thank you very much, Global Warming!

Dublin Castle

Visited Dublin Castle for the first time, and for free (It usually isn’t). Nice spot, and somewhat packed with tourists. That took a bit of getting used to, given it’s been a while since I’ve seen crowds of tourists visiting Ireland again.

It’s all nice and good, until I noticed some people were blatantly flouting the rules and walking around indoors without a mask on. They were people who obviously knew the restrictions (you wouldn’t be admitted without a mask), and yet decided to take it off once they were inside. There’s a difference being ignorant and wilful, and it just irks me that people were selfish enough to only care about their needs to travel, and ignore public health guidelines. Cazzo!


Finally planning for travel, after 2 years of staying put. With no more quarantines in place for vaccinated people, we’re only waiting for Womanfriend’s 2nd jab and getting the EU Green Pass before we pack and leave for her hometown.

This is going to be a longer-term stay, partly for me to get a sense of how it is like living as a local, rather than a tourist. We have a few towns lined up to visit, and with luck, we might somewhere nice that we can spend time working from over winter, just to avoid the long cold and dark nights of the far-northern hemisphere.