Longer Breaks

We’re just around the summer solstice. As the nights go shorter, so have my working week too. It has been nice to be able to have a series of 4-day workweeks and I have been taking advantage of the extra day off for short day trips around a few spots of Dublin, as well as taking some time to work on some small coding projects. It’s a nicer pace of life and it feels more like a full weekend given an extra day. Typically, Saturday is otherwise kind of a 1/2 working day where I typically would spend time doing chores and other work around the house.

Asado Argentinian BBQ

On Saturday, Womanfriend and I got invited to an Asado de Argentina, which is a fancy word for a ‘BBQ’ for this uninitiated non-Latin-American. There were a number of tasty but unfamiliar foods that I had never tried before, such as empanadas, chimichurri sauce, plus a few alcoholic beverages that I had never seen before and didn’t remember the names of.

The weather had been great for it, and coupled with good food and good company, it was an enjoyable day. We ended up eating and drinking till late, and only got home around midnight.

Almost Hangover

This morning has been hard. While I haven’t had a hangover, the drinking did leave me with a heavy head, and a very disturbed and shallow sleep. While it isn’t often that I get overly-inebriated, I always regret it the next day; it hasn’t been a useful or purposeful day right now due to my current state, but it is my first for this year. Granted that we’re already almost past June, so I think I did well! I should really cut myself some slack and just chill and recuperate for now.