Long Weekends

Had been taking holidays off the last couple of weeks on Friday, effectively making them long weekends. I needed the time to get the remainder of the house in order, with fixing up the remainder of the walls, re-mounting skirting boards, and giving the walls a new coat of paint, and assembling furniture. Not entirely relaxing long weekends but at least things are getting done.


There seemed to be a whole load more of anti-social behaviour, as well as suspicious activities for the past couple of months - I had people knocking on my door, asking for bus fares home, or a fella prying open the flap of the post to peer inside the house. When I confronted him, he had a (then pretty smart) pretext of asking if I wanted to get the gutters cleaned. No tools, nothing on him, and he had the cheek of asking me if I had money on him, and tried to do a ‘pressure-sell’ on his cheap service.

Only later after he left did I manage to look up some news site that I realise such ‘scams’ had been going on. Good thing at least that I had showed that someone was around, and I didn’t lose anything from the incident too.

He’s probably thought well of himself that he has gotten away fooling me, and hopefully the satisfaction plus that he had been seen around here would deter his return, as a constant presence would rouse suspicions.