Guess Who’s Back

So The Girlfriend came back on Monday, with a sense of relief that at least she won’t be stuck on her own.

We’re now pretty much home-bound, and trying our best not to be venturing outside, aside from a quick walk once a day for our own sanity. But whenever we were out, it seemed like my suburb was actually a little more crowded than usual - kids out playing, snaking queues at the supermarkets, people on the thoroughfare.

I’m not entirely convinced that people are adhering to social distancing, and the number of infections doubling seems to affirm that. It may be that more forceful interventions will have to be imposed, to which I’ve stocked up more non-perishables in anticipation of a longer lock-in period.

Otherwise, there’s nothing new, aside from cooking, eating and busying around the house. (You can see my amazing cooking masterpiece in the featured photo above! >_<)


So MAGA decides that Ireland and UK is part of the EU after all, and that we’re subjected to the travel ban now too. But the number of infections that the US has, have all been rising rapidly, and it’s not likely that people would want to be visiting either.

Singapore’s finally seen the first fatalities from the virus outbreak, and it one of them is an Indonesian man who flew in the day before.

There’s no doubt that the man knew he had the virus, and selfishly boarded the plane so that he could seek treatment. While I do sympathize his desperation, not to mention that he lost his life, it was nevertheless some rather irresponsible behaviour.

Hopefully no crew or passengers got infected from his recklessness.

Doom and Gloom

US stocks have gained slightly over Friday, after a few more circuit-breakers being triggered earlier the week. Maybe we’ll see some less panic next week. Or not.

Here’s to surviving another viral-apocalypse week. Stay safe people.