I finally have Internet at home!

After 3 long months of going cold turkey involuntarily. I have finally gotten an Internet connection to my home, via mobile broadband. It’s clocking about 300kbps download at best, which isn’t great, but at least I can use it to type whimsical blog posts like these in the leisure of my home, rather than having to deal with late nights in the office. With commuting time after hours being unreliable and subjected to long half hour waits, it seriously isn’t worth wasting the time just to be able to use the Internet, really.

Surprisingly, the new place that I’ve moved in does not have a fibre-to-the-curb connection to my apartment - and it’s only built 2 years ago! Not only that, the apartment does not even come with a phone line, which means I can’t even get ASDL. I can get a technician to get it especially wired to my place, but that means installation charges + line rental for a phone that I do not want in order to get Internet access, making it a rather expensive proposition.

So the only alternative left was to rely on cheap wireless broadband, which at 20 Euros is the cheapest by Irish standards (That’s excluding VAT, which is another major bloodsucker in this country :P). That’s roughly about $40 dollars AUD/SGD, which I suppose would have gotten me a decent network connection, and without any download restrictions (on a land line)?

Oh well, at least for an el-cheapo bastard like me, it should suffice, since I don’t do much that consumes a large amount of bandwidth anyway. 10Gb is quite hard to use up no matter how much blog posts, email or news I do in a day, but obviously it’s never quite enough for the YouTube generation.

Which is fine for an ‘old fogey’ like me - I belong to the ‘640k ought to be enough for anybody’ generation anyway, ;)