Or more rightly, ‘Hello World’ again.

I have stopped writing for a while. That is intentional. There has just been a feeling of a general lack of focus on the things that I write about, and to no big surprise, given that’s exactly the same way how I feel about life, a core reason among others that I’ve taken a break.

After some introspection, I’ve come to terms that I have always had a ‘jack of all trades’ kind of personality, especially when it comes to interests: spanning from science and technology, to software development, sociopolitics in Singapore (which is inherently due to the poor treatment to the poor, and various forms of social unfairness/un-niceties I’ve endured/witnessed during my 20-odd years living there), philosophy, finance, and random musings that come up now and then. That all, is generally a tangled ball of mess that is hard to tidy it up, to pigeon-hole it into a blog nicely.

I’ve been thinking about my raison d’être for writing in the first place: to share the bits and pieces of what I know, for expressing my views, which in turn, to receive feedback and critique in sharpening my own thoughts. That all, besides my exhibitionist tendencies to share any interesting happenings around me! To put it more generally, it is what I do to entertain myself, but even more importantly, to be myself.

And that, is exactly what I’m resuming to do. :)