By virtue of some free tickets from business associates of ours, we were treated to a baseball game at AT&T stadium, the match up between the home team, the San Francisco Giants and the Florida Marlins.

It was exciting for me personally, for it was the first time I have ever been to a baseball game. Besides that, it may also possibly be baseball history in the making as Barry Bonds, the lead batter for the Giants, is closing in to the all time record of 755 home runs.

We were lucky to have witnessed Barry make his 754th, and one thing that I was told, the lucky guy who catches his ball will probably be able to sell it for a cool million dollars. No wonder there were huge excitement among the people on the far side of the stadium from us where the home run ball fell on. In fact I’d say they were fanatical, as there were even people sailing and canoing in the waters outside the stadium, where it was said that Barry had at least dropped 50 home run balls out there.

While I would have liked Barry to score his 755th and even his record breaking 756th, but it didn’t happen. Still, it was great to have been there and enjoying the excitement of being able to be in part of the game.